June 2018  
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Sunday School

Sunday School

Director: Jancie Mears





New Members (As Needed)

New Members class is an exciting opportunity to learn what it means to be a member of St. Paul at Shively Heights. The topics include:

  • What do we believe? (The Faith)
  • What does it mean to be a Christian? (The Process)
  • Who is Jesus Christ really? (The Relationship)
  • Why come to church? (The Fellowship)
  • What does the church do? (The Purpose)


Class B – Pastor Bingham 

Join us for an exciting time in the word.


Class C – Ron Morrison and Larry Mucker 

Class "C" is middle to senior aged group of 20-25 male and female attendees. We minister to both single and married couples.





"The class is very helpful to me going into morning service."


"I like my Sunday School Class because we talk about our lesson together."



Class D – Earnest McGaha and Al Mayle 

Filled with friendly, caring, sincere, students of the Bible! Committed to the study and practice of God's word, letting others see Jesus in us.  A class where the young, old, and everyone in between can come and enjoy the Lord!  For more info contact:  Earnest McGaha at earnestmcgaha@yahoo.com or Al Mayle at enjoythelord@yahoo.com


Class E – Johnny Bell and Jimmy Stikes

Join us for an exciting time in the word.


Class F – Linda Dobrick and Michael Bingham


We have a loving and caring Sunday School Class. We discuss prayer concerns that the class has and lift those concerns up in prayer.

Class G – Ava Bingham Reynolds and Linda Perry

The "Encouragers Class" is one where women are encouraged to continue their spiritual growth and development through the study and application of the Word of God. We are committed to providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that is conducive to learning and sharing---come see!


Class H – Danielle Boone

College Crew and Graduates

This fun and exciting group of 18-29 year olds enjoys a more relaxed class atmosphere, with a format that encourages open and honest dialogue. We focus on building authentic relationships by frequently gathering outside of church to discuss, and gain support for, the challenges of being a young Christian adult, as well as to simply have fun together. For more info contact: danielleboone@bellsouth.net .



Cecilia Ortines and Darrin Harris

6th - 12th Grade

Greetings in the name of our Lord, Christ Jesus. We are a class made up of Godly young men & women whom are eager to learn about Jesus' life and be followers of Christ. Through our curriculum and applying the "Five C's", we can help to enable and encourage our young students to become disciples of Jesus Christ & ultimately help them be prepared for teenage life and beyond. With so many negative influences that they face in this world, we can help our young students to discover God's purpose for their lives in order to become positive young adults. Please join us Sunday mornings during Sunday School.



In the Children's Department, students of the Bible are taught the word of God by teachers who have a genuine love for God, His word, and children. Through study, children in first through fifith grade learn how the word of God can be applied to their life everyday and in daily situations.  For additional information contact Janice Mears.

Children's Sunday School Department Director: Glenda Bradley


Grades 1-3

Jean Cherry & Jackie Weaver

Grades 4-6

Mildred Lamar & Cynthia Dunbar



Keith Dunbar, Regina Couch, Debra Carter



To gather the preschoolers to teach God's Word in an exciting, inviting, and interesting way through Bible stories, scripture, song, role playing, and creative play. There are three classes: Baby Room,  2-3 year olds, and 4-5 year olds. For more information contact Janeen Noble: nobleneen@aol.com

Pre-School Sunday School Department Director: Janeen Noble


2 - 3 Year Olds

Carolyn O'Bannon


4 - 5 Year Olds

Barbara Carter

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