January 2019   
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Senior Ministry aka Seasoned Saints
Leader: Mildred LaMarr

WHO:  A group of "Seasoned Saints" who share a common goal of fellowiship, stewardship and at times shopping!

WHEN:  First Friday of each month @11:00am

WHERE:  Fellowship Hall

WHAT:  Agenda Items 12/06/2013

              ^  Visitings our other Seniors that used to be in the ministry

              ^  Brown Bag Pharmacy "Nikki Patton"

              ^  Care Packages for our "College Students"

              ^  Invitations to a Christmas Party from West Chestnut Seniors Wednesday, 12/11/2013 @11:00am

              ^  Trip to Gatlinburg, TN shopping for 2014

              ^  Calendar planning for 2014

              ^  Thanksgiving boxes to go to Baptist Fellowship center

              ^  Birthday Cards from Rev John Crittenden Jr

              ^  Election of Officers

              ^  Trunk or Treat for 2014

              ^  Seasoned Saints sing "Christmas Carol" 2nd Sunday in December

              ^  Check with KIPPDa to come talk on different topics

              ^  Senior Garden

              ^  Senior Picnic

              ^  Women of the Bible Presentation 2014

              ^  T Shirts

              ^  Senior exercise


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