February 2020  
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Language Resource Manager and Missionaries: Rev. Peter Frost & Angie Frost

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Who are we?

Peter, Angie Frost & Family are missionaries currently located in Papua New Guinea supporting Wycliffe Bible translators.

Peter is the manager for the Language Resource Center.  The Language Resources Department provides the resources for Bible Translation to take place in Papua New Guinea.  We have a Training Centre with Men’s Dorms capable to housing 70 men, and a Women’s Dorm capable of housing 20 women.  We have five classrooms at the Training Centre along with a Dining Hall capable of feeding over 200 people three times per day plus two coffee breaks.

Language Resources provides training in Biblical Studies, Biblical Languages, Translation principles, Leadership, Literacy, Initial Skills, Basic Computer Courses, Paratext (a powerful translation program), and a host of workshops geared toward consultants.  Language Resources maintains the Linguistic and Technical Library (which has over 33,000 books and unpublished manuscripts on languages in Papua New Guinea).  The Main Office houses the Section Coordinators and some of the consultants.  The sections in Language Resources are Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Linguistics, Translation, Scripture in Use, Program Planning, Language Software Services, Sociolinguistics/Survey, Branch Database, and Archives.  Outside of the Main Office we have Scripture Use Media which produces vernacular audio and video recordings.  We have a Scripture Typesetting Section which is the final check before a Bible is sent to the printers.  We have the Literacy Section in the same building as Scripture Typesetting.  Our Literacy Section produces vernacular books to teach people (children and adults) to read and write in their own language.  Finally, in the same building as Literacy and Scripture Typesetting, is the Section that Angie works in—English Assistance.

Many of the ex-pat staff in Ukarumpa are not native English speakers.  The English Assistance Office offers individual assistance in learning English.  Angie helps design a plan to assist anyone who wants to improve their English skills.  The training can be one-on-one or in small, informal groups.  In addition to the ex-pat staff, English Assistance is open to the national staff as well.

How can I help?

There are two ways to help.  First and foremost is pray.  Life here is difficult.  Most of the conveniences that are available in America are not available here.  Those conveniences that are available are expensive.  Pray for us as we build relationships cross-culturally.  Papua New Guineans are experts at relationships.  They value people above everything else.  Second, consider investing in our ministry.  We have opportunities to expand our personal involvement in Papua New Guinea by going to villages near and far to offer encouragement and training, but it takes money to travel and provide the gifts required in a Papua New Guinean context for your hosts.

How can I get involved?  

By praying and investing in our ministry, you are involved.  If you want to see what life is like on the mission field and are worried about not having the skills or time to invest in missions, we challenge you to check out Wycliffe Bible Translators.  At our centre, we have auto mechanics, construction workers, welders, computer programmers, network engineers, telephone repair people, aviation (pilots and mechanics), teachers (elementary and secondary), doctors, nurses, and so many unfilled positions.  Business backgrounds are golden at our centre because of the expertise learned in the business world is now being sought by Wycliffe.  It is okay if you don’t have a long time to give.  There are opportunities available for as little as a few weeks, to a year, to a two or three year term (one full term).

Who can I contact?

Feel free to contact either Angie or Peter by e-mail.  Peter’s e-mail is peter_frost@wycliffe.org.  Angie’s e-mail is angie_frost@wycliffe.org.  You can also check out their website www.frostministry.org.  They have a ministry page on facebook (Frost Ministry).



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